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Salad In A Jar?

Most of you know about oats in a jar, but salad in a jar?…. really? Yes – here is a simple salad that can be assembled ahead of time.

These are the ingredients that I used for this salad creation starting with the base:

  • Greek yogurt mixed with a little Dijon mustard salt and pepper to taste (this is the dressing)
  • On top of the dressing you can see some corn
  • Spinach
  • Shredded red and green cabbage for some crunch
  • Tofu pesto with pasta (protein + carb)
  • Sliced avocado because I just love avocado!

Always keep the dressing at the bottom, don’t mix until you are ready to eat! When you are ready……shake (and I mean shake with the lid tightly secured) the entire container so all the delicious goodness coats all your ingredients evenly. This was what I created with the ingredients I had on hand, feel free to experiment with what you like. This is a great and portable way to make salads a part of your daily routine on the go. Ciao!

photo (70)

Simply Delicious!

Simply Organic- Sesame Ginger Salmon

Dish #1 Veggie Stir Fry

The wonderful folks at Simply Organic sent me an early Christmas box full of all kinds of fabulous seasonings  just in time for the holidays! They have a new product line called Steam Gourmet, which takes all the guesswork out of seasoning the perfect salmon or chicken! It comes with its own steam pouch to help create the perfect weeknight entrée and clean up is easy. This Sesame Ginger salmon was fabulous. Make it once eat it twice. The flavors of ginger, chili pepper and sesame seeds really pop in your mouth. Just try it and taste for yourself.

Sesame Salmon

Here I have a simple stir-fry veggie bowl topped with the decadent salmon. This may appear as though you spent all day perfecting your salmon recipe but no one has to know you had some help! Sip on your favorite glass of wine and call it a day.

Dish #2 Island Tacos

Being from the beautiful Island of Fiji what does a girl with delicious leftover salmon do- you got it make tacos! These may look fancy but very easy and simple to assemble. These are ingredients that I used to make the salmon tacos- you can get creative, add what you like or have in your kitchen.

IMG_1689Final product!

IMG_1691Here is a video. Enjoy!



Making your Eggplant Sexy and Sassy!

forkkinfe_barEggplant is one of those things that you either love or not.  The great thing is it can be made in such a way where it is awesome for everybody.  The key is FLAVOR!

Start with some baby eggplant.  They are less bitter and are so cute :-)

Give them a quick wash, and then cut off the tops, bottoms and cut in half.

Now turn on the burners and place them on the burners for about 2 minutes or until somewhat soft.  Use a fork to get them off.  If it falls in between, just turn the burner off, get it and then turn it back on, so you don’t burn yourself.  Don’t be a daredevil :-)

Now when you take them off, the skin grilling on the fire flavor is infused inside of the eggplant.  The next thing to do is to peel off the skin.  Why?  Because it is somewhat burnt.  So, even though we want the flavor, we don’t want to eat burnt peel.  It is the same concept of roasting red peppers.  Yes, you actually hold the eggplant under cold running water and peel off the skin.  It is ok if there is some residue, just not a lot unless you like it:-)

From here there are several things you can do.  You can, for example, chop these into even smaller pieces and add it to a marinara sauce.  The roasted infused flavor will blend nicely with the olive oil, garlic, and fresh basil.

You can sautee them in garlic and olive oil.

You can dip it in a breading mixture and make a low carb lasagna without pasta letting the eggplant substitute it.

We just used a non-stick pan and did a “water fry” or “steam fry” with a “sexy menage a twa” of spices!

Spices are sea salt from Trader Joe’s, red pepper for hot sexy heat, Spike to keep things excited, and garlic power from Trader Joe’s to pull it all together!

Water frying our flavor infused baby eggplant!

Reducing the sauce with some water.  You can use water with fresh squeezed lemon or white organic wine would also be nice.  In Fact, anything would be nice.  If beer is your thing, it would also be a nice combination flavor.  Adding fresh herbs would be another great idea.  We kept it simple, but as you can see, the possibilities are endless:-)
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Our finished dish!  It looks beautiful and tastes amazing!  This is literally no calories and filled with plenty of nutrients!  It is low glycemic as well, so wonderful for diabetics or people with heart conditions.  It is also wonderful for healthy people as well.  It is a nice snack because it fills you up, satisfies your taste buds and does not at to your caloric intake.  Adding some fresh basil, oregano or parsley is also a great finish.  We kept it simple.

You can also serve this with basmati rice or add it to a gourmet pizza.  Like I said, the possibilities are endless when you find natural low calorie ways to extract and add and combine flavor to healthy food.  Since eggplant is also hearty, it can also act as a meat replacement as well.

Yummy Bean Salad!

forkkinfe_baryummybeansalad(Serves about 4)

This is a quick and delicious bean salad. It’s high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. You can eat this salad as a meal or serve as a side dish with grilled salmon, grilled chicken or tofu. Toss in some heart healthy avocados for a boost in flavor and nutrition. Enjoy!

1 can drained and rinsed kidney beans
1 can drained and rinsed garbanzo beans
1 can drained and rinsed black beans
1 peeled and diced cucumber
Diced red onions (as much as you like)
½ peeled and diced avocado
Diced cherry tomatoes
Diced fresh apple
1 grilled corn (remove corn off the cob add to salad)
Parsley, cilantro or mint leaves (as much as you like)
Toss all the ingredients in a bowl (except avocado add when serving)


Good quality olive oil
1 lemon or lime juice and zest
¼ teaspoon cumin powder
Salt and pepper to taste
Mix dressing with a whisk and pour over salad