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Join Us – MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum

I would like to announce an exciting event occurring in Chicago April 22nd – April 23rd that will feature top innovative leaders in the healthcare industry.

This will be your opportunity to learn more about innovation and technology in healthcare today! The program lineup includes senior leaders from Walgreens, GE Healthcare, Mayo Clinic Ventures just to name a few as well as many promising startups.

Program Highlights include:

· Panels on Digital Health, Venture Investing, and Crowdfunding in Healthcare

· Keynotes by James Rogers, Mayo Clinic Ventures and Mike Swinford, GE Healthcare

· Fireside Chats on analytics, Walgreens case study

· MidAmerica Showcase, featuring 30 of the most promising early-stage startups

Find out more here and register now for best price.

Over 300 healthcare experts, innovative thinkers and elite startups will be at this prestigious event, that has become the destination healthcare investing conference of the Midwest.

Read more here hope to see you there!





VIDEO: Why We Overeat: The Toxic Food Environment and Obesity

This is a great video explaining why we overeat and the obesity epidemic presented by Harvard School of Public Health. It features a great panel of speakers:

Walter Willett
Chair, Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, and Fredrick John Stare Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition
David Kessler
Former Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of California San Francisco; and Author, The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite
Dariush Mozaffarian
Associate Professor in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Michael Rich
Director, Center on Media and Child Health, Boston Children’s Hospital

Hyperinsulinemic Diseases of Civilization: More than The Metabolic Syndrome

Presented by the American Nutrition Association, Dr. Loren Cordain and The Paleo Diet this was a great webinar which I think if you get some time please listen. I had a chance to listen to the “live” session it was really informative. The strange sounds in the recording are from people dialing in. If you are interested in learning more about the Paleo Diet this webinar will answer some of your questions.

Health Interactive

We are always looking for ways to get healthy and live better!

Health interactive image

Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, de-stress, or eat better, there is a world of new innovations putting health at your fingertips, in your pocket, on your phone, and even in what you wear.

On Saturday November 2nd, Health Interactive is here to show you how. At Health Interactive you will dance, sweat, eat and be inspired with the world’s best trainers, yogi’s, chefs, and experts.

For more information go here Health Interactive

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